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Hailing from a family of seamstresses, creativity has always been at the center of Kheli’s life and work. Kheli began her career as an arts administrator and professor of African American art history and film at a major university. Despite a successful career in these fields she could no longer ignore her desire to return to working as an artist full time. After over 25 years in the field Kheli retired in 2017 to open her own business, Honea Rose. The Couture Custom doll collection is named after Honea Path, South Carolina, the place where her mother’s maternal line began when they were brought there from Barbados in the early 1800’s. Rose is named after her great grandmother on her mother’s paternal line. Rose was a gifted seamstress and designer who could make a man’s suit just by looking at him. Honea Rose was created to diversity what is offered in designer dolls, celebrate and honor important moments and people in your life and ultimately be a reflection of beauty, inside and out.